Street Cred: Simple Strategies to Stop Sucking At Sourcing.

Snark Attack

I started out my career in sourcing; in those days where active job seekers mostly started at the major job boards, finding the names and developing the contact information for potential candidates actually required skill.

The task of building a pipeline or slating final candidates for a position through direct sourcing was made easier by the nascent search engines and the early destinations for online personal information (like Jigsaw, MySpace or LinkedIn in its infancy).

Even back in the day when Boolean was more than a passé buzzword or superfluous sourcing subject, when even e-mails still had some novelty factor and the only mobile recruiting you had to worry about was sourcing and verifying candidates’ cell numbers (before phones were ‘smart,’ we were dumb enough to still pay for landlines) – even then, with online recruiting more or less still in its greenfield days and without the noise or competition…

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