The joys of being an amateur

Butterfly Mind

I recently listened to the TED Radio Hour‘s episode, Amateur Hour, which shared several funny and insightful stories of people in positions as novices.

One story was about a “professional amateur,” A.J. Jacobs, writer and editor-at-large of Esquire magazine, who lives his life as an experiment. He constantly puts himself in new positions, like spending a month telling nothing but the truth, or spending a month outsourcing his life, or as he shared in his TED Talk, like spending a year living Biblically. Everything was new to him in each instance, and each experiment changed his life.

Another story was from mother Julia Sweeney who says, “I think if I really understood what parenting was going to take, I would not have done it.”

And then she says:

And I’m really glad I did it.

These stories got me thinking about my own adventures in amateurity. Specifically…

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