Today is an awesome day: kitten edition

Butterfly Mind

kittens looking cute by Andrea Badgley on Butterfly Mind Dawwwww!

My husband brought home kittens yesterday — four month old sisters — without telling our children. The kids came home from school to find kitties in the rec room.

Our house is now the happiest place on earth.

Our children forgot about screen time. Nothing matters but these little cats. I can’t stop smiling for all the joy these two have generated in our home.

I’ll be honest. Much of the joy is my own. I’ve been wanting kittens for as long as our kids have, and now that we are finally in our own home, my husband made it happen. Last night we ate pizza and watched Monty Python while kittens played with ribbons and a jingle bell ball. Before bed, when they had gotten comfortable with us, one of them climbed on my chest… and purred.

Happiest. Mom. Ever.

I’m trying Mesh! My photos this week…

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