Paranoid Republicans think EPA contaminated river on purpose


Today in Utah news, two state lawmakers accused the EPA — yes, the agency tasked with protecting the environment — of purposefully releasing 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater into the Animas River.

Utah’s Sen. Margaret Dayton (R) and Rep. Mike Noel (R) have no evidence for their claim — it’s more of a feeling, really — but the two have asked the state Attorney General Sean Reyes to investigate anyway.

“When you went to visit, were you able to discern whether or not there’s any truth to the fact that this was an accident on purpose so they could qualify for Superfund money or if this really was an accident accident?” Dayton asked Attorney General Reyes at a meeting Tuesday.

While it is true that EPA workers released the polluted water into the river while monitoring an old mining site that had been left contaminated decades before, it was pretty obviously just a fuck-up…

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