Hate to be a broken record, but we’re on track for the hottest year on record


If you’re a betting person, it would be close to a sure bet to go all-in on 2015 taking the title of warmest year on record.

“I would say [we’re] 99 percent certain that it’s going to be the warmest year on record,” Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist with ERT, Inc., at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said during a press teleconference on Thursday.

Click to embiggen.How temperatures around the world ranked for the period of January through July 2015. Click to embiggen.

According to the global temperature data compiled separately by NASA, NOAA, and the Japan Meteorological Agency, this July was the warmest July on record going back more than a century. It follows three other warmest months this year, with the remaining months ranking among the top four hottest, meaning that 2015 is the warmest year-to-date.

With an El Niño that could rank among the strongest on…

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