The Big, White (Guilt) Wedding

Fieldwork in Stilettos

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. Yesterday’s weekend wedding planning index left off one rather important figure…

Number of times I started crying, even though I promised myself I wasn’t going to let anything in the wedding planning process make me cry: 2

I suppose this is a somewhat unrealistic goal—I cry over everything, good, bad or otherwise—but still. Twice? On our first weekend out of the gate?

The first episode occurred as we were heading back to the car after concluding the tour at our First Choice Venue. The caterer had just informed me that we could, in fact, have our first dance in the same room as our ceremony. And the thought of marrying PIC there, in that room, with that view, of reciting our vows and having our first dance there—it was just too perfect.

Dream wedding perfect.

dream wedding Not quite this, but something along those lines…


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