Letter from Texas: Floods didn’t drown the drought


This year brought what former Texas governor (and current idiot) Rick Perry had us praying for back in 2011: big, biblical buckets of rain. In May, I was passing through the last suburbs of Dallas on my way back home to Austin. Ahead of me, the sky was like a two-day-old bruise. About 10 minutes later, I was in it. Water poured over my windshield. I bent forward and squinted, my knuckles white on the steering wheel. I was doing 15, but was shooting past other drivers who had stopped where they were, hit their flashers, and decided to wait for the sun. The rain would drop over five inches in Austin that night and keep at it for another two days.

In times of drought, rain starts to feel like a figment of the imagination, and floods like a laughable fiction. But if the predictions of climate experts…

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