How to construct a DIY scholarly career

The Thesis Whisperer

Can you still be a scholar without an academic post? Increasingly, people are making this seeming contradiction work for them – in diverse and creative ways.
This post is by Aleisha Ward, who was one of the first graduates of the Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) at the University of Auckland (2003). She holds a MA in Jazz History and Research from Rutgers University (2006) and a PhD in Music from the University of Auckland researching jazz in New Zealand 1920-1955. She is a writer, editor, lecturer and tutor in music history, and also works in a library. Aleisha writes about jazz in New Zealand for Zealand Musician, on, and on Twitter as @nzjazzhistory. She writes about other topics on, and about jazz flute for

You’ve made it- your PhD is bright and shiny, so now getting a scholarly career…

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