Meet the food justice and clean energy advocate who wants to shake up the nonprofit world


Diego Angarita Horowitz isn’t the first person to have noticed poor health outcomes in low-income communities of color, and how that relates to the inequitable distribution of healthy food. But he was pretty young when he did (barely 20). He graduated from Hampshire College in 2008 with a triple focus in Latin American studies, nutrition, and media studies, and a bunch of community awards in tow. Between 2010 and 2012, he went from coordinating weekly dinners atNuestras Raices, a food justice nonprofit in Holyoke, Mass., to being its assistant executive director. He helped train youth in food justice advocacy and urban ag projects, run community garden and farm programs, and see firsthand, he says, that “gardening cultivates food — and cultivates social justice.” 

In 2013, Horowitz wanted to learn more about renewable energy. So he got involved withCo-op Power. The New England-based, equity-focused energy…

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