The Wandering Tooth Brusher

Fieldwork in Stilettos

I am what I like to call an EFFICIENT teeth brusher. I mean why stand there at the bathroom sink when you could be getting things done instead? Laundry for example, or checking your email.

Sometimes I even brush my teeth in the shower. I know this sounds crazy but again, I say no, not crazy. Efficient. I developed this technique when I lived in London.  There was no division between the bathroom floor and the shower; it was all just one big mass of tile. I was a grad student at the time and therefore I was A) always stressed out and B) always pressed for time. Brushing my teeth in the shower made perfect sense. All counted, I think I saved probably an entire eight or nine minutes over the course of a year. And one can do a lot in eight or nine minutes. Like, you know…

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