J.T. Carlton: The Good Life

Drinkers with Writing Problems

My grandfather,
When he comes over
For Christmas, or birthdays,
Thanksgiving, whatever,
He always tells us to turn off
The damn television.
Get off the couch.
Go outside.
Talk to another human being,
For chrissakes.
Don’t get me wrong,
I get it. I really do.
But then, he’s never seen
A single episode.
So he doesn’t really know
What the fuck he’s talking about,
Does he?
He hasn’t experienced it.
He’s not addicted.
It’s really notjustTV.
It’s a living, breathing thing
It’s part of the family.
These characters,
They’re all part of me.
It’s better than life.
Better than the real world.
Hell, they even have
A show about that,
So you don’t have to
Leave anything to chance.
You just press a button,
Turn on a screen,
A mirror to another world,
And away you go,
Zipping, Zooming,
Ears drooling, eyes bleeding,
Hypnotized, overdosing

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