This beautiful video of plankton eating plastic is also a little disturbing


Here’s a slightly alarming tidbit of news for your Friday: Plankton — that wonderful array of  microscopic creatures floating in our water — can eat tiny bits of plastic. Why should we care? Well, for starters, plankton are the rock bottom of the food chain. And as this beautifully minimalistic video suggests, if they’re eating plastic, we probably are, too.

Quartz has the story:

Plankton are tiny organisms that live in water and provide an important food source for other aquatic creatures like fish and whales. When plankton consume toxic plastic debris, it is likely that the animals higher up the food chain will also be contaminated.

In the video above, the U.K.-based production team, Five Films, headed by environmental documentarian Verity White, captured how zooplankton, a species of plankton, accidentally eat plastic.

Zooplankton, which vary in size from 200 millimeters (about 8 inches) to 2 micrometers (or 0.0002…

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