Ripples in the routine…

Therapeutic Misadventures

It was a day unlike any other, though so full of comfortable routines. Up at the crack of          dawn to meet at the barn and head out to an equine event. I have done it so often through the years but every time is a new adventure.

The comfortable routine of all gathering in the kitchen to discuss our days events while cooking a sumptuous dinner. Though we have only been housemates for three weeks, Hanni, B, and I have found a comfortable routine of camaraderie. For their part, the dogs have adopted an amazingly calm and comfortable sense of the day. Thelma, Chuck, Alice and I are up and moving first in the house. They all dash out to greet the wet green grass while I start my coffee. Skeedles the cat comes in from a night of carousing; we have some quality time while…

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