One of the brothers in the hit documentary “The Wolfpack” gives a damn about the environment


Narayana Angulo spent practically his entire childhood locked in a cramped public housing apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He and his six siblings grew up under the strict rule of a controlling father, Oscar, who let them go outside maybe a few times a year, although never during the winter, and one year, not at all. The family lived on welfare and whatever small income the kids’ mother, Susanne, earned for homeschooling the whole brood.

The Angulos’ incredible story is featured in the new documentary The Wolfpack. The film focuses on how, with almost no connection to the outside world and only so much to do in their four-bedroom apartment, Narayana and his brothers turned to movies (their sister, Visnu, has special needs). They watched thousands of films over the years and even reenacted some of their favorites on camera: Reservoir Dogs, Halloween, No Country for Old Men,

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