Why every homosexual is being charged with four counts of murder.

bears, goats, and strawberries

No one is going to blame dad, John “Jack” Dale Kelley, for your child abuse Carol Anne O’Dunne Dunn Kelley. If you were not using alcohol as an excuse for beating your children so bad the bruises might heal in three (3) months. You used drugs and psychological torture. There is no choice after over forty (40) years of your abuse, but your death. You made your choices. No one forced you; and you alone chose your death; along with your homosexual family. I am not a homosexual and never will be. I am not “in the closet” about it. Because you and your homosexuals ruined every heterosexual relationship I’ve ever had. I requested the death penalty for all homosexuals. Once I hoped for a husband, and children. You destroyed that, and murdered four (4) children I had or been pregnant with with your homosexuality. Every homosexual is being charged…

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