The Not-So Glamorous Side To Magazines

Gosh, the first time I watched the Devil Wears Prada, my eyes glowed with envy of Anne Hathaway, who worked for a magazine. I was so jealous of her style, job and role at the high end fashion magazine.

But, this was before I interned for 2 well-known magazines, Family Circle and Good Housekeeping. When people meet me, other than looking at my resume of course, they haven’t a clue I was an editorial intern for Good Housekeeping and a home décor assistant intern for Family Circle. Sure, I can guess what you’re thinking: OMG– she’s so lucky to have interned for not one, but 2 magazines. And, I still think I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity. But, you must know a thing or two about the magazine industry, it can be pretty brutal at times.

When reading over Ryan O’Connell’s Why Internships Are Bullshit, I immediately…

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