Running From My Skin

Little Budha

When she was 11, a boy in class called her a scarecrow. Which is ironic because she was not as thin as a scarecrow, and for a minute she wished the insult had been true. That she had been a thin scarecrow. When she was 14, she went home and poured about half a litter of bleach in water, and bathed in it. Literally soaking herself in the solution, hoping the bleach would cleanse off her dark color. It didn’t. She scrubbed her skin so hard it bled, hoping there was something a little less dark underneath, there wasn’t. When she was 17, in high school, she went on a hunger strike for about a week. The logic was, if she did not eat anything, her body would be forced to use the fat in her reserves for energy, then she would lose weight. Genius, right? Wrong. She fainted in…

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Two husbands, 4 children murdered… Because I’m not homosexual.

bears, goats, and strawberries

Now, I have watched two husbands and four of my children murdered, by age 34, because a distant cousin Bruce Spencer is homosexual. Your sexuality does not put you above the death penalty for murdering six (6) people. I am requesting the death penalty for all homosexuals at this point. I have no option after watching my own family murdered because of their sexuality.

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Stalked by a lesbian since age six (6).

bears, goats, and strawberries

Now, let’s talk about “Marey” moms red headed lesbian police officer “friend”. Who has been attacking me since I was six. That magazine was not ” Michael Jackson’s ” but Mareys from when I watched her cat at age six. At 13 she attacked me in the school restroom. At 30 she moved into the sixth floor of my building dying of “throat cancer”, but moved into the Biltmore estates. Then she was in Oregon and is now in Tucson. She also will be given the death penalty.

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Teen Vogue Introduces Fashion’s New Faces and They’re all Black

Refusing Fashion

Lineisy Montero on Teen Vogue's August issue. Lineisy Montero on Teen Vogue’s August issue.

For Teen Vogue’s August Issue they’re introducing three new faces to their readers. Typical and no big deal, right? Wrong. The three models they have chosen to be the cover models of the August Issue are all models of color.  Aya Jones, Imaan Hammam, and Lineisy Montero are all new faces who are on the rise in the modeling world. Jones and Montero have both walked for Prada during Milan Fashion Week, while Hammam has been featured in American Vogue and in the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015 advertising campaign.

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Why every homosexual is being charged with four counts of murder.

bears, goats, and strawberries

No one is going to blame dad, John “Jack” Dale Kelley, for your child abuse Carol Anne O’Dunne Dunn Kelley. If you were not using alcohol as an excuse for beating your children so bad the bruises might heal in three (3) months. You used drugs and psychological torture. There is no choice after over forty (40) years of your abuse, but your death. You made your choices. No one forced you; and you alone chose your death; along with your homosexual family. I am not a homosexual and never will be. I am not “in the closet” about it. Because you and your homosexuals ruined every heterosexual relationship I’ve ever had. I requested the death penalty for all homosexuals. Once I hoped for a husband, and children. You destroyed that, and murdered four (4) children I had or been pregnant with with your homosexuality. Every homosexual is being charged…

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