Born with that “silver spoon”

bears, goats, and strawberries

Truth, who wants kids? When the women are more manly than the actual men, and the men would rather just spend the day with their drinking buddies.

How’s your “silver spoon bullshit now”? Those born with that “silver spoon” all stopped working.

Come on you told us you knew how to run everything. You aren’t doing a very good job are you?

But…… What your own words….you don’t like what you had to say now? Too fucking bad.

It’s only 11:30 PM….still flights and companies and trains and warehouses….did you fucking think it was “bedtime”; up and at ’em lazy shits.

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Daughters of Ganges

vikas chandra

A riddle of kinds, in a shroud of white, where is that Paavi, who loved her life
Lo and behold that angel’s birth, how tramped on daisies, little feet of mirth
Now cuffed to a timeless mire of slurs, a widow they discern, “a dead man’s wife!”
Nothing afore, afar that hearth, kindled pyre of a woman’s worth

Kashi has aged a thousand years with many more years of Paavi’s woe
Beside the Ganges, her endless flow, once a darling daughter’s squandered glow
Surrogate profound, a mother found, dissolved her allure many moons ago
In dusky digs, now a sinking shadow, a gambled life, easy come easy go

Through splintered sense, as she recounts, a Bangla bride from a hamlet afar
She, a cherub of eight, groom, fifty or so, what on earth that means, would the poor child know?
Solemnized by fire, a ritual bizarre, widowed next day, a…

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