On the Town 4th of July

Movies, Of Course!

We’re goin’ On the Town (1949) for a Happy 4th of July 2015!

Happy landings … Betty Garrett, Frank Sinatra … Ann Miller, Jules Munshin … Vera-Ellen, Gene Kelly …

Bye, boys … We’ll write you every day …

Searched high and low for a good On the Town Statue of Liberty photo … Leave it to our German compatriots … Here’s The Lady in a movie program for Das ist New York! / That’s New York! … Heut gehn wir bummeln / Today we go strollingNotice anything strange on the left? … The guys the gals are kissin’ look like stand-ins!

Betty Garrett … my favorite … is ever optimistic …

She dreamt they’d all get back together … and she was right! … on the cover of Screen Stories, January 1950 … Those wonderful days when a movie magazine was only 15 cents … Look…

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