Kim Kardashian (and her Boobs) Land the Cover of Rolling Stone


kim kardashian rolling stone coverPhoto: Rolling Stone

Another day, another Kim Kardashian magazine editorial. Except this time, it’s not a nude shoot posing as a high fashion photo shoot, but a cover story for Rolling Stone.

The magazine features the reality TV star posing in a busty, nautical-themed outfit (her high school Halloween costume, perhaps?) accessorized with a sailor’s hat and oversize hoop earrings. We assume Kanye wasn’t consulted about this one.

In the story, the 34-year-old makes some bold statements (“I believe that I am so much smarter than I’m portrayed”) and talks about discovering her stepfather dressed as a woman when she was 22–a full 12 years before Caitlyn Jenner‘s  public transition. “I was shaking,” she says. Bruce called her on the phone afterwards and said, “One day, I’ll talk to you about this. Until then, don’t tell a soul.” It wasn’t until eight years later that he said, “Let’s have…

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