Introducing Editorial Assistant Rosalind Moody

Words Are My Craft

Welcome to another interview for the People in Publishing feature on my blog! Today’s interviewee is a good friend of mine who works in magazine publishing and has interned for a number of books publishers. We met through a mutual friend, Sam Stevens, and encouraged each other through harrowing job searches through the publishing industry! Rosalind is incredibly ambitious, extremely hard-working, and very talented. I can see her being a huge success in the publishing industry and I hope to continue learning from her. Below she discusses her job search, her current job, the benefits of interning, and gives advice on getting your foot in the door.

Please introduce yourself and describe your background and your career.

The lovely Rosalind Moody The lovely Rosalind Moody

I’m Rosalind Moody and I’m a graduate from the University of Hull. I studied English and Philosophy and achieved a 2:1. Since my second year of university, I’ve completed…

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