IS THIS THING ON? Next week on Sisterwives

The SisterWives


*taps mic and finds it utterly dead*

*blows into it, says “Testing, 1, 2, 3…” and hopes that mic magically works*

*catches foot in wire, nearly falls down, and realises mic was never plugged in*

*plugs in mic, switches on, and continues as though nothing happened*

SO…last week we had a look at metamorphosis from the ugly caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly, and the realisation that the metamorphosis is always, always one involving our thought patterns and what we’re prepared to accept as truth about ourselves, and what matters to us, rather than externals.

NEXT WEEK we look at how to further that cause, and support this glorious new movement for acceptance of all bodies, because it’s the people who inhabit the bodies, who truly count.

Don’t miss it!

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