Red, Off White and Blue: How to Make Patriotic Pomanders for July 4th

Fieldwork in Stilettos

It’s very hard to maintain my image. (And by “image,” I am of course referring to my holier-than-thou worldview, which essentially comprises “I used to live in London and if the rest of you idiots would listen to NPR once in a while, you’d realize that what’s going on in the Dominican Republic right now is kind of a bigger deal Rachel Dolezal.”)

It's like waiting for the new iPhone drop, but not: It’s like waiting for the new iPhone drop, but not:

One of the ways that I project this image is by refusing the celebrate the 4th of July.

Granted, this is rather difficult in a city like Philadelphia, where celebrations of the 4th begin sometime in June and end just a few weeks before its time to haul the Christmas tree out of the basement, so I eat the hamburgers, I watch the fireworks and I even make my annual strawberries-and-dark-chocolate cheesecake for my…

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