Finding Nemo

Therapeutic Misadventures

There is peace in busyness, there is joy in shared discovery, there is love in the face of a dog. Amid all the changes and rearranges in life at the moment, there  are moments of reflection. The glint of a smile from a stranger and the joy of coming home to a bustling environment of love and contentment is totally fulfilling.

NEMO, Never Ending Monumental Occasions means letting go what your negative self would like to bitch about. I could go off on a tangent about people who pissed me off today; of the petty little slights that almost mounted up into a range of shit. I could be irritated about plans having to change or compromises that felt unnecessary.  I would rather look at goofy canines who don’t have expectations beyond hearing the “Doggie Doggie Dinner song and living through the never-ending, seemingly hours, before food actually appears in the…

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