Craving Something I Can Feel

Ramblings of a College Introvert

Right, here’s something I haven’t yet divulged with you: I’ve always wanted to get into the music industry. No, not as a singer because I sound like a dying hyena, and not as a songwriter because I can’t condense my pointless ramblings to a few refined verses. I want to a music journalist. At least for a few years, anyway, because I still want to explore other fields of journalistic writing and, besides, there’s nothing glamorous about a 40-something reporter sneaking backstage at Coachella to get a few words from the newest teen idol who’s probably half her age (yeah, I’ll bet you Chella’s gonna turn into iHeart Radio in five years time). Anyhow, I love music and I fangirl over musicians way more than actors.

Problem is, I’ve never written anything related to music. What the fuck, right? I know, I suck. But instead of continuing to whine and bitch like I’ve been doing for the last 20 years…

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