State of Mind

Therapeutic Misadventures

A blogger I follow on WordPress from Melbourne Australia, Mark Nolan,  commented that he was in the dark, dreary days of winter and appreciated seeing the color and life here on the other side of our planet. I think one of the really cool rewards of blogging is the person-to-person side of communicating; I connect with people whose lives are not that dissimilar to mine. We never meet, though pictures of the writer help me form an image of who they are beyond their words.

In many ways it reminds me of my grandfather who was a ham radio operator. He had his call sign – a jumble of letters and numbers – on his license plate. In the evening, he would retire to what would be called his “Man Cave” today;  the semi-finished basement. He would sit for hours “chatting” with friends around the globe.  When I lived in…

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