Sandra Benedetto: Scars

Drinkers with Writing Problems

It wasn’t your fault, Dad.

I was excited to see you,

so I ran headlong.

Two-year-old temples

are no match for

metal corners.

It wasn’t your fault, Mom.

You couldn’t have known,

and I didn’t insist.

My appendix

didn’t share battle plans for its

traitorous eruption.

It wasn’t your fault, Friend.

It was our idea together,

so we’d remember.

It worked, because that day

is burned like a cigarette on

my mind.

It wasn’t your fault, Doctor.

I worshipped the sun,

and this was my tithe.

You excised a little extra

and now my arm evokes

ultra violence.

It wasn’t your fault, Knife.

I underestimated you,

which was careless.

But you were perfect,

my neatly filleted flesh

gleaming pink.

You did it, Love.

I have a long memory,

so I didn’t invite you to join us.

You showed up anyway

and served my desiccated heart

to the one with the…

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The Dark Side of Freshly Pressed: Handling the Highs and Lows

The Daily Post

A roundtable of bloggers and editors:

Paula Reed NancarrowPaula Reed Nancarrow
Peg Schulte, Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings
Stephanie Summar, Listful Thinking
Krista Stevens, editor
Michelle Weber, editor
Cheri Lucas Rowlands, editor

Since the publication of this post, we’ve launched Discover, a new showcase of editors’ picks and recommended sites that has replaced Freshly Pressed. All links in this post have been changed accordingly.

The editorial team behind The Daily Post works on other projects such as Longreads and Freshly Pressed. On Freshly Pressed, which you’ll find in your Reader, we share top picks, community recommendations, and our favorite reads. Freshly Pressed has evolved over the years: it began as a developer’s Hack Day project to showcase user-made content on the homepage, and has become a favorite space to discover standout posts and new bloggers.

The So You Want To Be Freshly Pressed support page explains what we look…

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