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On Getting Out in the World and Finding Inspiration

castle craneIn our small town, here beside the sea, there is a castle on a hill. It’s not exactly a castle in the fairytale sense of the word. It doesn’t have turrets or towers or a drawbridge; but it does have a grand staircase, a ballroom, and gryphons guarding the back terrace. And, we have called it a castle for so long that it’s hard for us to think of it as anything else.

The Crane Estate was the summer home of a wealthy family who made their fortune in, of all things, plumbing fixtures. I have seen the Crane name stamped on porcelain commodes all the way across the country. It is, admittedly, a rather ignoble legacy, but a legacy nonetheless. And, here in Ipswich, we think less about how the family acquired their wealth and more about how they gifted so…

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