What Next?


We walk, run, jump, neglect our health and happiness so as to fulfill the task at hand. We do this in an expectation of a better ‘tomorrow’. But when that ‘tomorrow’ actually arrives, we ask ourselves, “Is this all that I needed to see? Really? What Next? ” The future only manages to keep us going. It is our ‘present’ that sustains us!
– Suri

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Weekend Edition – A World of Inspiration plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

Live to Write - Write to Live

On Getting Out in the World and Finding Inspiration

castle craneIn our small town, here beside the sea, there is a castle on a hill. It’s not exactly a castle in the fairytale sense of the word. It doesn’t have turrets or towers or a drawbridge; but it does have a grand staircase, a ballroom, and gryphons guarding the back terrace. And, we have called it a castle for so long that it’s hard for us to think of it as anything else.

The Crane Estate was the summer home of a wealthy family who made their fortune in, of all things, plumbing fixtures. I have seen the Crane name stamped on porcelain commodes all the way across the country. It is, admittedly, a rather ignoble legacy, but a legacy nonetheless. And, here in Ipswich, we think less about how the family acquired their wealth and more about how they gifted so…

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Grey Matter: The Zombie Adventures of Sarah Bellum from Crispin’s point of view – the CtrlVquel

Lisa Scullard


As I approach the reception area of my office on the beach, through the tinted glass door I espy an attractive, brunette newcomer get up to accept the hi-visibility yellow vest handed to her by Heather, my secretary, which has VISITOR stencilled on the back. She pulls it on grudgingly over a badly-fitting Chanel. It looks borrowed.

She appears awkward, like a gazelle through a huntsman’s gun-sights. It sends an arrow of excitement to my rotting guts. Braaaiiiins…

The adjoining door creaks, as I push it open, and she turns, still adjusting her Velcro.

She knows, the moment she sees me.

The black suit. The pallor of my skin. The attractively tousled, unkempt bed-hair. The drool. The limp… Her knees are trembling. She will be putty in my undead hands…


“Crispin Dry?” Her voice catches in her throat.

“Miss… Bellllummmm,” I moan softly, extending a dirt-encrusted…

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Is Dylann Roof America Personified?

The Axis of Ego

SCShootingChurchMemorialThe horrific, racially motivated murder spree by Dylann Roof also served as a call to action for those who see the awful events of Wednesday night as corroboration of their core beliefs about the poisonous nature of American culture.

Briefly, two key tenets of modern progressivism are that, one, racism is virtually ubiquitous.  Even when it isn’t apparent, it is so ingrained by the evils of our past as to be systemic.  Although blatant racists only occasionally lash out openly, there are quiet racists everywhere.

Two, the United States is a wildly violent, gun-crazy culture that must be reigned in with tougher firearms laws.  These laws will—naturally—be entirely effective.

Dozens of commentaries began to pop up within 24 hours of the shootings underscoring both points, as well as being solemnly fawned over by many of my left-leaning Facebook friends.  The overall tenor of most of the articles was “of

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Addressing The Elephant In The Room

The Captain's Speech

Dear Mr. Elephant,

Why are you in the room?

Sorry, I’m jumping ahead. I should ask if I can call you Mr. Elephant. Can I call you Mr. Elephant? Or is Mr. Elephant your father?

Time out. I can’t stop laughing.

Would you like me to call you something else? I can call you by your DJ name – Grandmaster Trunk. No? You’re right, it’s too long. So is your DJ name.

What about Ellie? Right, you’re not a girl. Hmm. Have any nicknames as a baby elephant? Peanuts? Thunder thighs? Stomper? I’m not making any progress here. I’m just going to call you Mr. Elephant.

Mr. Elephant, are you aware that people are always wanting to address the elephant in the room, a.k.a you? Oh, you’re not? Well, that’s a plot twist. Am I saying it correctly? “Address the elephant”? People aren’t saying, “Dress the elephant” are they?

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