Elizabeth Gomez: Motherly Daughter

Drinkers with Writing Problems

I watched with envy as my mother handed the blue Mickey Mouse watch to my younger brother. I listened as she said, “Blue is for boy. Red is for girl.” Even though I heard her saying those words, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t designated anywhere on the box sent by my Abuela. My mother wrapped my Abuela’s gift around my brother’s wrist while I struggled to put on the stupid dumb red one that I totally didn’t want because blue was my favorite color, ever! I stared angrily at my mother while making my brother my new sworn enemy because he was totally ruining my life.

My mother had many lines of distinction about what girls do versus what boys do. Girls learned to play piano, whereas guitar was more suited for boys. Girls didn’t wear black because it made us look depressing and unattractive, whereas boys could because it…

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