Elizabeth Gomez: Motherly Daughter

Drinkers with Writing Problems

I watched with envy as my mother handed the blue Mickey Mouse watch to my younger brother. I listened as she said, “Blue is for boy. Red is for girl.” Even though I heard her saying those words, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t designated anywhere on the box sent by my Abuela. My mother wrapped my Abuela’s gift around my brother’s wrist while I struggled to put on the stupid dumb red one that I totally didn’t want because blue was my favorite color, ever! I stared angrily at my mother while making my brother my new sworn enemy because he was totally ruining my life.

My mother had many lines of distinction about what girls do versus what boys do. Girls learned to play piano, whereas guitar was more suited for boys. Girls didn’t wear black because it made us look depressing and unattractive, whereas boys could because it…

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Quick Tip: Categorizing “Uncategorized”

The Daily Post

When it comes to organizing your site’s content, categories set the foundation. You can use category pages to group related content together, giving you the flexibility to spruce up the structure of your site or even explore multiple topics within a single blog.

However, focusing on content, design, and building up your following generally takes precedence when starting a new site. With all those tasks to focus on, it’s easy for categories and organizing your content to take a backseat.

By default, any new post you publish on your site will be added to the built-in Uncategorized category. As your site grows and you want to take advantage of different features like category pages or the Categories Widget, you’ll want to spruce up those category listings.

Pro-tip: the Uncategorized category cannot be deleted, but you can change the default category for your site. To do so, head over to your Settings →…

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New Theme: Argent

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Today we’re happy to debut a new, free portfolio theme, Argent!


Argent WordPress Theme

Meet Argent, a new addition to our theme collection, designed by Automattic’s own Mel ChoyceArgent’s clean, modern portfolio theme is perfect for creative professionals like designers, artists, and photographers. Whether you’re showcasing a photo series or a design concept, Argent’s simple homepage template featuring portfolio projects will draw viewers to all of your wonderful work. Plus, the responsive layout allows for a seamless user experience and ensures that your portfolio looks stunning no matter the device or screen size.

Read more about Argent on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site from Appearance → Themes!

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