The first and only time I will agree with Karl Rove

A (or One) Skeptic

If you know me at all, you will know that this may be the first and only time that I will agree with Karl Rove.  He called Donald Trump “a complete moron.”—white-house-don

Jon Stewart and the staff at the Daily Show are practically peeing in the pants at the announcement that Trump is running for President. They’re calling it a “gift from Heaven” for the last six weeks of Stewart sitting in the anchor chair. And who can argue with them?

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A perfect EFF score! We’re proud to have your back. News

Concerns about online privacy and illicit government snooping are at the top of users’ minds, now more than ever. We appreciate that you trust us to safeguard your sensitive information on, and Automattic has a long-standing commitment to defending your rights and holding firm against legal bullying and over-reaching government requests. We work to have the most stringent, user-friendly policies possible within the law, and to be as transparent as we can about information requests we receive and how we respond to them.

Our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an organization dedicated to defending your digital rights, recognized our efforts in their latest annual Who Has Your Back report, which evaluates the user privacy practices of prominent online service providers. We’re proud to receive a perfect score of five stars on the report, one of only nine (out of 24) companies to earn that honor. You can learn more about EFF’s evaluation criteria

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More than Just a Flashback—Introducing the Easter Egg

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image courtesy of NASA Image courtesy of NASA

So we have spent a couple posts talking about “flashbacks” and I need to take a moment to expound on something. I was a naturally good editor. It’s how I got my start. But I would cut things out or change things because in my gut they didn’t work. And, I was pretty much always correct because I did have solid story instincts.

But I also have a passion for teaching. In my mind, it did NO good to cut something or change something for a writer (even if it made the story BETTER) if I had no way of articulating my instincts, of explaining WHY it didn’t work and HOW to do it better.

I, personally, found our “writing vocabulary” too broad. I mentioned the term antagonist last time. There was no such word as Big Boss Troublemaker until I coined it. I had to…

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