Book spine poem: Trespass in a Strange Room

Sentence first

A new book spine poem, aka bookmash, this one a mixture of recent reads and newly acquired to-be-reads. (Click to enlarge the photo.)


Trespass in a Strange Room

Trespass in a strange room –
Criminal shadows, a severed head,
John Brown’s body waiting for an angel,
Destination: morgue!


stan carey book spine poem - trespass in a strange room*

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Man Regrets

 Man,Retaird solder of Federal Republic of Nigeria Reveals that He regrets the Day He ever cuewed In a Polling Unit in other to Vote in GEJ and he also said that he was ashame of Him self when he saw that GMB asperant of APC got a Vote of 24,000 in IgboLand while in the north, they count I  mills.

Letter yesterday in the evening he told the press that he must surly be alive to witness the existence of Biafra because his God has promised him that and it mus come to Pass.