MEOW! Artists and Their Cats… (part 2)

Fans in a Flashbulb

Michel Auer, Jane Evelyn Atwood, 1983 (336.1988)

Barbara Morgan (1900-1992), Berenice Abbott [1898-1991] with Cat, 1942 (543.1986)

Unidentified Photographer, [Weegee, 1899-1968, and kitten], ca. 1958 (22649.1993)

Nearly five years ago I made this classic blog post: MEOW! Artists and Their Cats…
And now, after five years of careful editing and revising; five years of fishing in and ferreting around The Museum System database… I’m ready to unleash another instant classic blog post: a trio of photos, each featuring a cat and a photographic artist, in alphabetical order…

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Weekend Edition – When the Going Gets Tough, Keep Writing Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

Live to Write - Write to Live

Writing Through Life

DragonflySMEarlier this week, as I was setting out to walk a friend’s dogs, something small and dark fluttered past me at eye level. Though it didn’t move like one, closer inspection proved it to be some kind of dragonfly. Instead of narrow, translucent wings that move almost too fast for sight, this insect had broad, smoky wings that swept through the air like the oars of a rowboat, dip and pull and rest.

The dark wings contrasted sharply with the sun-bleached pavement as the delicate creature flew in poetic circles into the space above the road. Entranced, I watched as the looping flightpath reached the yellow line, and then held my breath as the wind resistance of a passing car buffeted the tiny aeronaut, sending it spinning for several terrifying heartbeats. It had only just righted itself when a second vehicle pushed past, and another wall of…

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