Peonies, Paint and Ponies

Therapeutic Misadventures

I grow mad peonies. I don’t mean they are angry, I’m trying to be hip here. They herald a wonderful time in the garden every year and remind me that my birthday is approaching. In one week I’ll be six decades old. Tonight I thought about how I would like to spend that momentus day.


  1. I want hours painting the deck furniture with three people – Lex, Hanni and Shana. My daughters and soulmates. I want to dance to loud, old, rock & roll, sip decadent fruit juices and soak up the moments in the sun together.
  2. I want to kayak. I haven’t been this year and last year my trips were few and far between. Hanni is arriving with her truck; have truck will kayak. Ever since selling my truck I have been less inspired to go out to the rivers and lakes. Time to get over that.
  3. I want fresh…

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