Under Attack: Round 2

The Captain's Speech

All I want to do is sit at my desk, in the dark, listen to music, scratch my leg with my foot, and write a blog post. Apparently that is too much to ask. I am under attack, again.

Two nights ago, I wrote a bone-chilling post about a fly that was trying to attack me in the dark. You can read about that traumatic experience HERE.

Tonight, I was about to write a blog post. That has been put off until tomorrow, at least. I leaned in to start typing at 2:36 a.m. and what appeared right in front of my face?

No, not a leprechaun in a cheap cowboy hat. Who shouted that out?

It was that darn fly!

There is a 95% chance it was the same fly. A 4% chance it was a hired hitman. And a 1% chance that I imagined the whole thing. I don’t…

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