Under Attack

The Captain's Speech

I was going to sit here and write a normal blog post tonight, but that all changed a few minutes ago. I am under attack. There is currently a fly flying around my bedroom and it just tried to attack me in the dark.

Somebody help.

Let me paint the picture.I’m terrible at painting, why would I say that?

Let me set the stage.I’ve never set a stage.

Let me put some dressing on this salad. Close enough.

Every night around 1:00AM, I go up to my room and read a book for about an hour (Shocking, right? I’ll have you know, I’ve read 8 books since January. Someone better compliment me!), then I go on my computer for a bit, before finally going to sleep.

Tonight, I entered my room around 1:30AM and saw something fly away from my bed. I thought I was imagining it, or…

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