Hamilton and the Tenner

William Hogeland

It does seem to me historically tone deaf for the Treasury Dept. to consider taking Alexander Hamilton, of all people, off U.S. currency, of all things, or even reducing his presence there. I can’t say I care who is on the money — easier to have nothing there but graphic design, I think — but if any face should be engraved on money, it’s Hamilton’s. Money is what he was all about.

That obvious fact has recently inspired a burst of Hamilton adulation, summed up in Steven Rattner’s New York Times Op Ed today. Rattner takes the controversy as an occasion for making a boatload of wrongheaded comparisons among the U.S. founders, arriving at the foregone conclusion that Hamilton was morally and politically superior to others. That requires glib assertions that misrepresent Hamilton and end up making no historical sense at all.

Leaning at first on the rickety Hamilton-vs.-Jefferson binary, Rattner says Hamilton created the first U.S. central bank against Jefferson’s fierce opposition. Jefferson did oppose the bank, but it…

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Conor Cawley: 5 Beverages For High Altitude Drinking

Drinkers with Writing Problems

If you find yourself in a high-altitude location like Colorado, you probably hope to take in the beautiful views and rolling hills with an adult beverage. But, to quote The City of Denver’s official website, “alcoholic beverages pack more of a wallop at high altitudes than at sea level.”

So if you want to guarantee your adventure into the clouds is without the burden of over-served mistakes, this list will walk you through a few drinks that pair well with stunning scenery and a lack of oxygen.

1. Bloody Mary at 5,280 feet

This is a great way to start your high altitude journey. Not only are you curbing your alcohol intake by enjoying a drink that is 80% vegetable, you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep your wits about you in rarified air. The thing to remember with high altitude drinking is that it’s not an oxygen-deprived sprint, it’s an oxygen-deprived marathon. Pace yourself…

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